AKC-Registered Wirehaired Dachshunds
and German Shorthaired Pointers

Becca, the foundation Dam in our breeding program

At Epiphany Performance Canines (EPC), our primary goal is to better the breeds on which we focus according to ability, structure, and temperament.

Just as importantly, though, we want our puppies to grow into well-adjusted family members. That's why we raise all of our puppies in our home, exposing them to lots of different sounds and situations from their very first days.

In our opinion, one of the biggest problems dog owners generally face with their pets is lack of socialization. The most impressionable period of a puppy's life is its first 2 - 12 weeks, meaning that the majority of the puppy's socialization falls in the breeders hands. That's why we make sure to utilize this point in your puppy’s life to its fullest potential.

Specifics about EPC puppies

At EPC, we like to keep our puppies until they are 9-weeks old. This accomplishes a couple of things:

Puppy from the 2012 litter

In addition to the DHPP vaccination, we perform a variety of other precautions and evaluations including:

All of our puppies come with health guarantees, which we explain in detail in the breeder’s contract.


All of our puppies are eligible for AKC registration. We sell our puppies on limited registration, unless you make specific arrangements with us. Limited registration means that the dog is not sold for breeding purposes. We do this for several reasons:

Cate, one of our AKC award winners
  1. Even in the most prestigious breeding programs, some puppies are not good breeding candidates.
  2. Dogs that are selected for breeding should have complete health screens done to help prevent hereditary health problems from the breed. Clearances include, but are not limited to: Hip, Elbow, and Shoulder OFA clearances. These OFA Clearances may not be submitted before two years of age.
  3. For maturity purposes, among others, dogs should not be bred under two years of age.
  4. Owners who plan to breed their dogs should not do so lightly. To breed is to take responsibility for every dog produced for the entirety of that dog’s life, and to be extensively educated on midwifery of dogs and the health and veterinary needs of the puppies.

Full registration can be obtained on a EPC dog at the breeder’s discretion under the following conditions:

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